Amen Iseghohi

Owner & Founder Amenzone / Fitness Franchise / Amezone Foundation

Amen Iseghohi

Mr. Iseghohi is the Founder and CEO of Amenzone Fitness and the Amenzone Fitness Franchising entity. He has both business and fitness background with a BA in International Business. Mr. Iseghohi also founded the Amenzone Foundation, a 501c3 created to help fight childhood obesity and encourage better self-esteem.

Kym McQuown

Executive Director of Operations of Amenzone LLC & Executive Assistant to Amen Iseghohi

Kim McQuown

Ms. McQuown has been with Amenzone since its beginning in 2008. Her primary role is to assist and support the owner, Amen Iseghohi, in carrying out the vision and mission of Amenzone LLC by directing, administering and coordinating internal operational activities including system operations, personnel, financial performance, franchisor development, franchisee training and support, marketing support, potential partnerships and project management. Additionally, she oversees and manages the operations of the current 3 corporate owned and operating Amenzone Fitness locations.

La Mar Hinton

Executive Director of Training & Amenzone Certification, Grand Trainer of Amenzone LLC

La Mar Hinton

Mr. Hinton joined the Amenzone Executive Team in 2009 and leads the Amenzone Certification process by providing new trainers with the foundational skills & training required to become a certified Amenzone trainer as well as provides ongoing training to all Amenzone certified trainers.

Tommy Cassano

Grand Master Trainer & Director of Events Nationwide & International

Tommy Cassano

Franchise Opportunities

Amenzone is carving its own path with workouts built around mostly recycled equipment and an atmosphere unlike any other workout facility.The workouts are structured around basic car tires, boxing bags and pull up bars.

Certification Training Program

With Amenzone's unique training style and philosophy, we seek out leaders and trainers that set themselves apart by sharing their passion of living a healthy lifestyle with others in a motivating and inspiring way.