Amenzone Primal Fitness

– A Back-to-Basics Workout

Amenzone Fitness is a back-to-basics training zone tailored for athletes and athletically minded people. Our style of training promotes a natural workout that uses clean tires and one's own body strength and movement to stay fit.
More energy, a positive outlook and obvious physical results are all outcomes of such training continue reading..

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"Started 3 months ago and have lost 20 lbs. Every single class is a different adventure because you never know what they're going to hit you with. It beats treadmills, it beats weights, it beats machinery. It's your own body weight and makes you push yourself to the limit."

- Euan, 46 years old

"It's completely changed my life. I've never been so challenged and worked so hard physically, mentally and emotionally. Its been wonderful to find a family here."

-Shannon, 36 years old